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Friday morning I forgot my earbuds at home, and despaired for a moment, that I would have to spend the day foreclosing on houses, without music. The guy next to me borrowed me his. I wandered around youtube awhile, and found Fatoumata Diawara. After a bleak week, I was enchanted, in love and dancing, like I haven’t danced in awhile.

Then came a break, and I opened a new intranet window to this story


December 15, 2012


Sandy Hook. That was about as bleak as I felt all week.

After work I biked to my sister’s, and hung out with my 9-year-old niece before she went to her dad’s, and chased my 2-year-old (tomorrow!) nephew around the kitchen, and let him chase me, and I let him throw me around 😉 for 45 minutes, and put him to bed, holding him a long time and singing, while his dad took a long nap.

If aliens were to stumble upon America, knowing nothing of it, but able to understand the language, in the aftermath of the Massacre at Sandy Hook, what would they make of MSM (Mainstream Media) coverage of the Massacre, with the intermittent breaks for car commercials, et al? Had those Aliens been playing with me and my nephew, they would have witnessed too, a bald shark declare that the meaning of life is MONEY, while visibly, physically repulsed by the living.

There is a thing in mathematics called a fractal, loosely described as the scale of the universe reflected in every part. Think how the structure of the atom with the electrons spinning around the proton, reflects the solar system, and how the solar system reflects the galaxy.

“Fractal is a word invented by Mandelbrot to bring together under one
heading a large class of objects that have [played] … an historical
role … in the development of pure mathematics. A great revolution of
ideas separates the classical mathematics of the 19th century from the
modern mathematics of the 20th… the revolution was forced
by the discovery of mathematical structures that did not fit the
patterns of Euclid and Newton. These new structures were regarded … as
‘pathological,’ … as a ‘gallery of monsters,’ … The mathematicians who created
the monsters regarded them as important in showing that the world of
pure mathematics contains a richness of possibilities going far beyond
the simple structures that they saw in Nature. Twentieth-century
mathematics flowered in the belief that it had transcended completely
the limitations imposed by its natural origins.

Now, as Mandelbrot
points out, … Nature has played a joke on the mathematicians. The
19th-century mathematicians may have been lacking in imagination,
but Nature was not…”
– Freeman Dyson

It is easier undrstood in representation

Maybe you don’t know (sorry for you), how we humans tend to deny certain realities, trauma especially, and how denied those things tend to fester inside, and come out uncontrolled in unfortunate ways, “side ways,” warping us in the long term, harming others irrevocably. If the one is reflected in the many, and likewise, then Sandy Hook might be described as a culturally “side ways” event, caused by a release of energy we as a culture have repressed and denied, turned toxic.

Now it is the law of the land, here in America, that the Government can take any American, detain him or her, anywhere in the world, and never tell anyone where you are, or even that you have been taken, as long as you live, and forever after. Our President can offer a tear for the children in Connecticut, but not for the Children who die by his order in other countries. His Brennan gets to kill children and not kill himself, declared instead the pillar of care and concern, the administration’s “conscious”. Nary an American has ever shed a tear for the children killed by our Military Machine, in consort with industrial corporations, withdrawing resources from poor, weak countries and people globally, destabilizing those countries and their people – necessary to maintain school districts like Sandy Hook, to maintain every aspect of what America has become. Notice how we fight to maintain the tax cuts seeded to us by the Bush, who fanned the flames of endless empirical war, low now more than a decade ago.

Religion and the Word separated us from the earth, and Science cut us off from Spirit, and here we are, separate and separated, mourning. Another Sandy said it far more eruditely than I can, about what letting go into the earth and spirit means. A different Sandy ravaged recently the delusions of modernity, East Coast style.

Sandy Hook. I did see on CNN a young woman who knew Adam, whose name was Israel. She said she remembered him from school, like he was a genius, “higher than us,” she said. What is it about America, that we turn our geniuses into evil killers?

Among the mostly clueless things that have been said about Adam Lanza, I didn’t hear anyone tonight say he heard voices. I had a fugitive thought, while I was playing with my nephew, watching the news, that perhaps Adam heard voices, that told him to do what he did, and that is why those children were here, to show us what denial looks like, and that they are well taken care of where they are now, better than any parent could ever hope to. That the parent’s grief is about their loss, not the child’s. And I don’t doubt, wherever the child is, whatever it is now, it feels deeply the grief of the mother, the grief of the father, brother sister family and friend.

We’ve closed off and denied the voices. Geniuses throughout time have spoken of it, including Socrates “The favor of the gods has given me a marvelous gift, which has never left me since my childhood. It is a voice which, when it makes itself heard, deters me from what I am about to do and never urges me on.” Descartes, the godfather of scientific materialism, was visited by a daemon (or an angel) who told him the conquest of nature would come by number and measure. Perhaps it’s time we cherished those who hear voices, and listened to what they have to say, instead of demonizing the messengers, drugging them into silence, caging them institutionally, etc? Perhaps had Adam been free to speak of what was speaking to him, this would not have happened?


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