2013 thus far, America

Off the keyboard of William Hunter Duncan

Well, 2013. Here we are, not yet a month in, and it already feels like a decade to me. Where are we? I’ve been distracted. Some thoughts.

How about that Inaugural? Could there be a more appropriate metaphor for where we have come, as a country; history is indeed fractal. A private ceremony/swearing in : pageantry and theatre for the people. Paraphrasing Kunstler: the Black Messiah, Lincoln cum MLK. He’s better at it every time, I’ll give him that, and more hollow sounding. With respect to my gay friends, I think they will have a hard time now criticizing his drone killing, indefinite detention, war making. Not that my gay friends give a shit about that kind of thing, the suspension of the Bill of Rights, et al, any more than your average American. And OMG, he mentioned CLIMATE CHANGE. Historic! He only has to utter the words, and they genuflect before him, never mind that he has never suggested a policy that wasn’t a boondoggle for some entrenched, monied interest, that wasn’t also basically a fuck the earth, whatever, it serves.



I’ve been reading about the Julian-Claudian emperors of Rome: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero (49BC-68AD). Julius Caesar was about a thousand times the man turd-bucket GWBush is; and the supposed democratic Senate Julius Caesar deposed, was a tyrant hydra; but for sake of argument let’s say they, BUSH and JC, are both war mongers who said to hell with freedom: Crossing the Rubicon, I’m the DECIDER, Patriot Act, torture, et al. Then there’s O as Augustus Caesar, who institutionalizes tyranny like a constitutional lawyer would, making it the eternal function of the State, who LOOKS and SOUNDS like the pious defender of the principles of the Nation, but who wouldn’t hesitate to unleash the Legions anywhere in the empire, including the capital, if he thought his rule were in danger. Now we’re on a bit tighter of a timeline here, as Augustus ruled for several decades, but if the next four Prezidents correspond to anything like Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero, well at least America will be more accepting of gay people, theoretically. As for a difference between us and Rome, it seems to me, while the preferred method of destroying political enemies then was murder, forced suicide and character assassination, OUR elite mostly have each others back, while they leave the murder and the suicide and incarceration for the slaves and freedmen, ie regular people, despairing over a shitty economy.

(I.E. Davos. Private meetings, Public theatre.)

Where is the media on any of this? Huffpost published a scathing feature on Obama’s war on cannabis, and the people by extension, by staff writer Ryan Grim – last Saturday afternoon. It was off the front page by Sunday night, nowhere to be found but by digging, Monday morning. This sycophantic puff piece on the basic goodness of government surveillance/control/lockdown posted Saturday, is still one scroll down, main page Monday late, with 1/20th the comments, (never mind, as Ward Churchill pointed out, you can appease TPTB right up to the door to the crematoria.) Speaking of Rome, what was the Jewry of Jerusalem and the surrounding country, in the time of Julian-Claudian rule? Just about the only people ruled by Romans, who could not be crushed. Compared to the 20th century Jewry of Germany, which many millions allowed themselves to be herded, unto an early, hideous death. Wait, I was talking about media, and then Cannabis. Well, if there is an antidote on this earth to being herded, it is pot. If there is a mechanism for herding more powerful than media, I can’t fathom it. Which message from the media just lately, synthesized amounts to: A RECOVERING ECONOMY/IMMINENT ENERGY INDEPENDENCE/NATURAL GAS IS CLEAN! NPR to FOX to MSNBC

MSM, it is safe to say, is become a black art of dissimulation, Bernays vision fully realized. For a brief moment, let us focus on the gun debate. First of all, there was never supposed to be a standing military here in America. Standing armies, the founders knew, become a fraternity of mercenaries and professional soldiers, who care to do little but soldiering, who become the tools of tyrants who destroy the core principles of any republic (generally 😉 Second of all, any weapon, standard-issue in time of war, to the infantry, should be available to ANY adult citizen who displays competency. Such a well regulated militia was meant to be the guard against the herding unto tyranny/war/genocide. Third, we were never supposed to be entangled in other country’s bizness.

So what are they talking about now? National database, gun “buy backs”, guns left at the shooting range? (See Australia) What did the MSM have to say about the 450 Million .40 cal hollow point rounds, DHS alone purchased in 2012, or the billion+ rounds they purchased total, of various calibre? Nada. Nothing. And that hardware is just DHS. That doesn’t include CIA, FBI, NSA, DEA, ATF, et al Fed, State and Local law enforcement, and all the decommissioned weaponry of Afghanistan and Iraq, heaped upon them. From a strictly strategic standpoint, American’s are going to need a hell of a lot of AR-15 .223cal rifles, well-organized, to fend off the State with all those .40cal hollow points, domestic surveillance apparatus, drones, etc. That doesn’t even count the Military. Assuming all that hardware is facing the people, and not turned back against the State, of course, should trouble start (see, I do have faith in Americans). But the job of the MSM, you see, is to support the State, not question it. BTW, I don’t own a gun, and I’m not on the market for one. I figure, if I ever need one, the universe will provide, which is good enough for me right now, thanks.

Has anybody out there read Sibel Edmonds book Classified Woman? There isn’t a better book right now, that I’m aware of, detailing how low this country has sunk. Basically, Ms Edmonds, being a First Generation American, exiled essentially from her native Turkey because she wrote an article in grade school about the necessity of a free press, found herself courted by the FBI, immediately after 9/11. Her familiarity with Middle Eastern languages and culture, and her standing in the community recommending her. A true believer in The American Way, she signed up to serve her adopted country, as a translator.

What she found was an FBI leadership not the least bit interested in protecting America, operating primarily as a domestic surveillance organization dedicated to protecting the bureau, and it’s Washington, corporate, banking and military patrons, at the expense of America’s safety. Uncovering a brazen spy network within the bureau, notifying the bureau, the bureau did what any Machiavellian enterprise would do. Classified Woman is a study of modern character assassination, with the United States Federal Government, as Assassin. Suffice to say she didn’t have ANY friends or family left, (except her loving, dedicated husband) by the time gov got done with her. They went so far as to classify HER, as in, she couldn’t even declare her age, without running afoul of anti-espionage laws. Which, if you think Bush was an ASS, Obama has treated whistle-blowers like spies, more egregious in his harsh treatment of them than any president in modern American history. A real monster.

Ms Edmonds book, too, is another tale of how 9/11 was not what it was purported to be. It’s abundantly clear, to anyone who cares about this country, and will take the time, that 9/11 was in some way all about gov. The 9/11 Commission was a fraud, and no serious government attempt to get at the truth of what happened, has ever occurred. Which Americans neither, have invested much time in thinking about what that means for this country. Consider the recent hoopla about Zero Dark Thirty. To torture or not to torture. It is almost laughable; the Left will get uppity about torture, but not Obama bombing Americans with drones, indefinite detention, or Stellar Wind and the domestic surveillance state, etc. (The Right doesn’t seem to care about anything but more war, less taxes, and making abortion – and by extension, miscarriage – a freedom-ending criminal offence.) I have a visceral revulsion at the very idea of a movie about the Bin Laden killing, not least because of this country’s soulless acceptance of perpetual war and militarism generally; but consider too, how that film basically serves to sanctify the 9/11 official story, like a collective absolution for such a feckless, soft, easily manipulated people, so prone to denial and willing to forget. Here now, feel how righteous you are, arguing about torture, while your government operates as a quasi-authoritarian, do-as-we-please-because-we-can, expanding information capture, incentivized asset forfeiture, criminal racketeering conspiracy/enterprise. When was the last time you heard someone say “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” except as a joke? I feel like if I went out in public now, with that orange afro wig I used to dance in, on Hennepin Ave, out in front of the Halloween store, I’d be arrested and detained indefinitely. That’s how lock-down things have already become. But if you are a banker…


Meanwhile there is Sandy Hook. Granted, that happened in 2012, but most of the conspiracy talk has surfaced here in 2013. The latest? Here at the Doomstead Diner, Peter, one of the founding members and the techie genius who put this site together, who’s work on Hydroponics I have highlighted in my blog, is convinced he has found evidence that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation,. He says he has evidence that several web pages dedicated to the tragedy, were in fact posted before the tragedy occurred. He believes the incident was meant to take place on Dec 10, but something happened that put it off for four days; during which time they failed to pull back all their co-conspirators, who posted the prepared info as originally directed. He has screen shots of the offending web-sites, and Google has evidently locked the cache, so they cannot be accessed by the public now. He also claims the activist Aaron Swartz, was murdered, because he was the one who found the cached documentation. In irony, it would be the RSS feed Swartz had a hand in inventing, that provided for the information being available? I don’t know; I’m not a techie, strictly speaking, and haven’t been able to my satisfaction verify what Peter is saying. I do trust him, however.

Which, I relay the information not because I believe it or am convinced, necessarily, but because Peter is concerned that he is going to end up suicided, or accidented, basically; and having accepted gross malfeasance of my gov, and because I trust Peter, and we are a lonely outpost here at the Diner, I affirm his right to exist.

Whatever you believe, consider, they say this Adam Lanza was the killer. Try a google search about Adam Lanza’s medical records. All I found was speculation. Not even reporting, nothing official. We do not have access to his medical records, or even a discussion, just a blanket declaration of better mental health care? These records are said to be “private”? The government is on the verge, with Stellar Wind, of Total Information Capture of All Digital Communications anywhere in America, but the medical records of a mass killer of innocent children are “private”? My government obeys laws to the degree it finds convenient, it seems to me. Whatever ‘investigation’ is happening, it is sure to result in a justification for further exploration of Max Weber’s ideas about the only legitimate powers (violence) belonging to the State. See, the people will be disarmed, but for Law Enforcement/Military, there is no conceivable limit…

But, like Tiberius, I mean Hillary, said(paraphrased), “What does it matter now, what happened? The only thing that matters is that we prevent it from ever happening again.” What does 9/11, Benghazi, Sandy Hook matter now – the truth does not matter – the only thing that matters is increased powers for the State, that the State can “prevent” bad things from happening again. But then, if the State was behind 9/11…

Anyway, lively already, here in 2013. Likely to get livelier. At least we won’t see Caligula until 2020 or 2024. Claudius 2024 or 2028, and Nero 2028 or 2032 approx. Which, based on the trends, I expect America as the light of the world to be mostly snuffed out by then. Unless of course Americans start asserting their independence, like citizens of a republic; less wards of the Imperial State.



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