Out with the Internet, In with Da Goobernet: Register to Read

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I was doing my usual Googling to read through the MSM reports on the latest in Collapse topics, and there were a couple of article titles regarding Spain and Rajoy I wanted to read. One from the WSJ, other from FT.

Now, in prior Google adventures in surfing, most of the time even if something was “premium content”, if you came in via a Google search you could at least read that article. No more, at least as far as WSJ and FT are concerned. For WSJ, you get just a couple of lines and if you wanna read the rest, you gotta pay. For FT, you don’t have to pay as of yet, but you do have to Register to Read.

Now, I don’t about the rest of you guys, but I try not to register an email addy on every goddam site I go read at even if its free. It ALWAYS ends up with more SPAM in your mailbox of course. Besides that, it’s still more Data Mining on your preferences and proclivities by TPTB. The only time I register is if I want to participate on the site in some way, or of course also when you buy something online you can’t help but register including your credit/debit card number. If I have to register on every site I just go to READ, fuhgeddaboudit.

So, in terms of really being able to freely surf the web and research information, the window here is rapidly closing. For the most part the Blogs are still free and don’t require registration to read, but popular pundits more and more only SELL their information with Premium Memberships. Chris Martenson does that, John Hussman and even Speedy Gonzalo Lira does it, although I just cannot IMAGINE who is paying him $300/year to read his bloviations.

Anyhow, now except for other Bloggers with memberships who paste info from the WSJ in their posts, I won’t be getting any more stories to write about from them. Which is probably good, since reading Hilsenrath’s trash just rots your brain with propaganda anyhow. Hopefully for a while more at least Al-Jazeera and Russia Today will allow free reads.

Eventually I can see a day coming where all Bloggers will have to register with Da Goobermint and pay a scaled price depending on your readership base for the priviledge of Blogging on the Goobernet. This first of all forces all Bloggers to be Registered with the Ministry of Propaganda and regularly reviewed for the “appropriateness” of your content. Second, it will then force the Bloggers to pass on the cost of this to their Readers, unless they are independently wealthy and wish to pay the cost themselves. Then as a Blog Reader, unless you are independently wealthy, you probably only will pick 2 or 3 Blogs to read maybe because the costs would quickly add up even if you were only charged say $1/mo per blog. I’m sure in the course of a month I read at least 50 different Blogs at least once when following Links. If each time I went to a new one I had to register and pay to read, I’m not going to do it.

In this way, Da Goobermint achieves Economic Censorship without actually “Censoring Free Speech”. Because there IS no “Free Speech” on the Internet after a while, it all COSTS MONEY.

Its still possible to set up a Blog for free on Blogspot, and even buying your own domain and doing a WP Blog isn’t very expensive at least as long as you have a friend like Peter who knows how to install the software on the server space you buy. Also still possible to read most of these Blogs for Free without Registering also. The writing is on the wall though, and even if the Internet survives a few more years, as a medium for the free flow of information it will wither and die and become pretty much strictly a Goobermint/Corporate Propaganda tool. The only Websites which will be “Free” to read are those being supported by Goobermint Tax Dollars or Corporate Profits as a means either to Propagandize or Advertize.

Meanwhile for a Blogger like yourself who gets most of his information to write about by sifting through the MSM and the rest of the Blogosphere, my source material gets thinner by the day. Still can read the Headlines and the Newswire stuff from AP and Reuters usually as well, but as far as what the NYT, WP and WSJ have to say about anything, I’m clueless. I just don’t read them anymore because I am NOT going to pay to read their Propaganda.



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