Nostalgia for a Past that Never Was

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As we watch our society spin down into ever more obvious degradation and corruption every day, there is a certain Nostalgia for the past. A time when people RESPECTED each other, when children played outside with Bat and Ball in the Playground burnig calories instead of sitting eating Doritos in fron of the Wii or X-Box turning the corn chips into lard.

Even I look back in Nostalgia at the Wonder Years of my youth, when although “out there” Bobby Kennedy and MLK had both succumbed to the Assassins’ Bullets I still played and went to schools that sorta did teach something. Mainly though because those schools and programs were tiered up and sieved for academic ability at the time, the vast majority of them were already just Warehouses even back then.

What has CHANGED here today? Has anything REALLY changed at all? At the superficial level, what it is possible to OBSERVE, yes it most certainly has changed now. The Oligarchy in charge no longer hides the theft, it is brazen and in your face all the time now. From Bernie Madoff to John Corzine, from Lloyd Blankfein to Jamie Dimon, from Obama-sama to Catcher’s Mitt Romney, they are ALL on the TAKE, and really only few like poor Bernie get the Perp Walk these days.

The thing is of course, this corruption is systemic and has been present for just about all recorded history, it’s visible in Greek and Roman texts going back at least around 3000 years or so. Through periods of History it seems to Wax and Wane, and mainly I think the “Pax Amerikana” we have experienced since the end of WWII was all financed by the thermodynamic energy of fossil fuels. For those of us who lived inside the societies that were the beneficiary of this resource rape of the Earth, our lives as Slaves was overall pretty pleasant, at least if you managed to hop on the bandwagon in some way and didn’t get left at the station with probably 20% of the population from the get-go, mostly the black population of former explicit slaves.

For decades here since the end of WWII, the low end of the population on the economic scale has been bought off into relative silence, living in Section 8 housing and collecting a subsistence dole payment, which if creatively used could actually buy you a Smart Phone and a Big Screen TV also. The SURPLUS on this end of the trade line was so enormous that even poor folks got all these toys of the Age of Oil to one extent or another here.

So what now is so DIFFERENT here, why does it all now seem so much more corrupt than it ever was? Probably because now as we spin down, the rug is getting pulled from under those who can LEAST afford it FIRST. The preponderance of the PAIN that is necessary in a Cold Turkey exit off the Jones of Oil is being dropped down on the poorest of the poor first, and now moving its way up the economic ladder created from PVC Tubing in the Age of Oil. The Carz are still being produced, and the “New GM” Executives are still pulling in a pretty nice Paycheck, but fewer J6Ps all the time can BUY those Carz, or fill them with GAS.

The corruption we witness about us each day is the result of generally very “typical” people who think they are doing what is “right”, who think they DESERVE the big paychecks they get for being an Executive or a Doctor or Lawyer, but in the end whose big paychecks can only be supported by ever increasing THEFT from J6P.

Every single scheme here created, from Obama-sama’s Health Care Plan to HAMP Mortgage refis is not meant to Save J6P or improve his Health Care, its meant to SAVE the BANKSTERS, to keep the game running just a bit longer here so they can continue to eat Canapes in the Hamptons and stuff the orifices of Ford Models with Cocaine and Tube Steak. Up there at the top, it’s Sodom & Gomorrah all over again, to be sure. An orgy of decadence played out daily here before our eyes, still glorified on the pages of People Magazine and the Tabloid “Newspapers” of Jolly Old England pandered to the public by Rupert Murdoch. Talk about Servants of Satan, if he is not Satan himself, that man surely has a special place in HELL reserved for him when he finally buys his ticket to the Great Beyond.

Were the “Old Days” really any better than this though? You can go back easy to Andy Jackson and his complaints with the Banksters, and to Thomas Jefferson before that as well. when was there ever NOT corruption in Goobermint? When was there ever real EQUITY for the working man? It sure never came for the Irish or the Chinese who worked for Pennies a Day to build the Transcontinental Railroad. It sure never came for the immigrant workers in Saudi Arabia who pumped the Oil while Saudi Sheiks lived High on the Hog. It sure never came for 1B Chiense who slaved in factories making toys for Amerikan Konsumers for lo these last 30 years or so.

Nevertheless, there is in your mind the IMAGE of Walton’s Mountain, of John-Boy and Grandpa plucking their way through the Great Depression in the Mountains of West Virginia. The IMAGE of Laura Ingalls Wilder in the Little House on the Prairie living a meager but fulfilling life on a Farm on the Great Plains of the FSofA.

I do Hope/Believe that in the end Good will Triumph over Evil and Homo Sapiens will survive this great trial, at least a few hopefully anyhow. However, I do not think we will find that Better Tomorrow by looking Nostalgically at the recent past, which generally is a bunch of fictitious propaganda. There has not been a moment in recorded history where J6P hasn’t been REAMED here, and the only difference with our current collapse situation is that many Chickens are coming home to roost here at the SAME time. Those at the Top are making desperate last ditch efforts to Cover and Save their own Asses here, and for the most part the Meek of the Earth are still letting it happen. Not in perpetuity though, no sirree Bob. Because it is WRITTEN, “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”.

Right AFTER the Meek get very, VERY Angry.

See You on the Other Side.



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