Scapegoating Da Goobermint Unions

Posted originally on TBP on 18th February 2011 by Reverse Engineer in Economy

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Round 9: Pummel Da Goobermint Unions


We now have entered the stage Greece hit about a year ago. The Illuminati have their backs against the wall and they need a new Scapegoat. Blazing across the MSM at the Speed of Light on the Internet the word went out from Goobermint to the Propaganda Machine, and the word was WAR on the Goobermint Unions.

Far and wide, from WI to IL to NY the Goobernators slashed Jobs and slashed collective bargaining rights. Except for the Cops and Firemen of course. They’re going to NEED them. Lots of them.

20,000 or so irate Goobermint Employees surrounded the State House in WI, and a dozen or so Demopublican legislators fled the state to prevent the bill coming to a vote. Billionaire Pigman Mayor/POTUS wannabee Michael Bloomber announced he is going to lay off-get this-some 4400 Teachers. NYC schools ALREADY have absurd teaching ratios over 30:1, which means you would have to redistribute out around 13K students into other classrooms. Hello, besides the obvious issues of controlling said classrooms, when the buildings were constructed the size of the classrooms maxed out at 30 kids, and that was crowded. Really, you cannot even physically put 40 kids in such a classroom unless you make it Standing Room Only.

As I have mentioned, I run a sort of One Room Schoolhouse paradigm here on the Last Great Frontier. I have set it up so each of our classrooms max out at 16:1, with 12:1 being the expected number and 10:1 is about Break Even at the current tuition. Besides myself, I have 2 Kindergarten Teachers (1 Half day, 1 Full day), a Grade 1-2 Teacher, and yours truly, Grades 3 to AP College Courses in ALL subjects an AP Test is available for taking. I am a generalist, I learned a lot about everything. I don’t specialize, I look for relationships in information. At the moment though maxing out at 6th Grade since we are only 4 years into the paradigm. Reason we need fewer teachers as we go up in grade level is because after Kindergarten, mostly the parents go into the Public Schools, because they are of course FREE. However, as the education there deteriorates due to high teaching ratios, those who can afford it will keep their kids in this paradigm. I only need 10 to teach to Break Even. As we are economically structured at the moment, if you want this for your kid, a median income will suffice if you direct it toward the child’s education. However, I will not keep any child in the classroom who will not Listen & Obey. You can’t buy into it with lots of money. Eventually as we move to subsistence level, I expect this to be done by Barter. Unless there are not enough Fishermen and Farmers with kids they want educated, I should do fine with this. I can give a child the equivalent of an Ivy League education such as I had, just with a little better ideological underpinning and some focus change on what is actually worthwhile to learn for the FUTURE we are presented with. Nobody stays in my classroom who will not Listen & Obey though, I have ZERO tolerance for disobedience. I am as intolerant of that as I am of Capitalist Pigmen here on TBP. LOL. I am a TEACHER, not a fucking Babysitter or Prison Guard. To the best of my ability also I will SCHOLARSHIP kids out of my own pocket if they are good kids who like to learn. I can’t do that past the point of break even though. I am also limited in how many I can actually Save myself, it maxes out at 16 kids. I CANNOT save them all.

I am drifting off topic here a bit though, the issues here in this post are not about teaching paradigms, its about what will happen as a result of Austerity being dropped down on Public Education, as well as the other sectors of Goobermint.

In reality, these kids will no longer BE in these classrooms, like the Unemployed who fall off the roles at 88 weeks, they will no longer be counted. Where WILL they be then? They will be out on the street, making Trouble and getting IN Trouble. Ever been around a bunch of wasto teens in a Mall? Its SCARY. Lord of the Flies time.

Now, here in the FSofA, we aren’t in quite the situation that Greece is in, since at least the Financial Economy at the TBTF Bank level is still functioning and at least theoretically paying Taxes on the money they are making FROM the Taxpayers. Its not spinning down quite as fast YET, but the Shot Heard Round the World was FIRED at the Unions and Goobermint Workers in the MSM over the last couple of days. THESE are the folks we should REVILE, because they make so much money and have such good bennies we can no longer afford!

Obviously it is true we cannot afford this, but these folks are NOT the ones who soaked up most of the wealth here. They are just apparatchiks who made it possible for the Illuminati to soak up most of the wealth. Cutting these people off from their source of income so Bonds can be paid off on to the Illuminati is NOT going to help our economic situation at ALL. In NYC, you just took 4400 Tax Paying Teachers and put them on the UE roles. You took 13.000 kids and put them out on the street where they will do mayhem. You INSTANTLY made more criminals and potential “terrorists”. Laying off these teachers is a SOLUTION to our socioeconomic woes? Hardly. It will only exacerbate them.

Meanwhile, folks like Mish are having their Wet Dream come true of the Goobermint Unions being destroyed. Sadly Mish, this isn’t going to solve the economic problems, it will just make them WORSE. Laying off Goobermint workers and cutting pensions just means that you will have fewer people with disposable income to keep the consumer based economy running. This will drive more private biznesses which exist as a result of their disposable income to go belly up also. Austerity doesn’t work to make you more solvent in such a system, it just drives a deflationary spiral. It is irrelevant here how much money Helicopter Ben prints, it just is not getting distributed out into the consumer economy. The fake money eventually will go up in smoke. Prices in commodities will rise past the ability of the people to buy them, there will be excess product causing more companies to fail, prices will fall and speculators who did not exit fast enough will get hammered.

Food prices aren’t JUST affected by the speculation though, they are also affected by actual production, and if that ALSO is falling off a cliff here, even in a deflationary spiral those prices could increase. That just means more people are pushed over the edge, and economic destruction translates to real starvation. Happening already in the poorest countries, Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You if the spiral is not interdicted.

Somewhere along this timeline there WILL be Interdiction. The more Goobermint Workers that get laid off and SHAFTED of what was promised to them, the more will begin to act like Greeks. It can get ugly quite fast in such a situation. Only time will tell if this latest attempt to salvage the system doesn’t quickly BLOWBACK. I suspect it will.



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