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INTUITION in·tu·i·tion/ˌint(y)o͞oˈiSHən/
The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.


SUBLIMINAL sub·lim·i·nal [suhb-lim-uh-nl] Show IPA
adjective Psychology .
existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual: a subliminal stimulus; subliminal advertising.

Do you notice the similarity in definitions between intuition and subliminal?

Do both result in making decisions without conscious thought?

How can we tell the difference between intuitively making a decision and making a decision based on subliminally suggestive ideas/objects placed into our environment to elicit a specific reaction?

Wikipedia has a good collection of different definitions for intuition and also suggests some of the origins

It is often suggested that intuition is based on subliminal knowledge that we hold within our genetic makeup which retains information about important situations experienced by our ancestors, and also by ourselves.

To me this type of intuition is very dangerous as it is based on conditioning and equivalent to mindlessly following the directives of outside forces.

Here is an impressive example of blatantly employing such a strategy to get a specific result.

More good stuff here….

In a natural setting intuition is a very valuable tool that allows us to respond quickly without thought to dangerous situations based on similar experiences had by our ancestors. However such instinctual reactions are very dangerous within our society because there is a small elitist group determined to control the actions of the massive majority that they cannot control by force by using subliminal conditioning.

CONDITION Train or accustom (someone or something) to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances
– we have all been conditioned to the conventional format of TV
– the child is conditioned to dislike food
– the program examines aspects of social conditioning

The Elite have expended enormous resources to learn how to influence our actions subliminally because many of the things they desire to condition us to would likely be rejected if we used logic to determine our actions.

Playlist of videos regarding subliminal conditioning.

The Wilhelm Reich book, “The Function of the Orgasm”, which I keep mentioning details how the very structure of our families was manipulated to create people who could be known to respond in specific ways to subliminal cues which can be successfully activated many years later and throughout our whole lifetime.

A very blatant example that affects almost all of us is that we have allowed our leaders to rape and pillage without consciously saying, “yes I agree with this”. We may not like what they do but we have let them get away with it. Why? I say because there were many subtle conditioning experiences placed throughout our lives that make us submit to authority figures. Many of us are now struggling to overcome this conditioning but the vast majority are still in thrall to their masters.

To me making a decision without knowing why I made it is suspect. I now attempt to apply logic to such intuitive ideas and also do research to see if they make sense before acting on them.

There is another sense that has similarities to intuition in that it accesses information below the conscious level. The difference is that although the process itself is unconscious the process is consciously initiated.

To limit our access to information within our physical reality, which is manipulated by the elite to give them dominance, our conscious level of thought is trained to reject all information that is not physically sense-able within our environment. This means our consciousness is tuned to one carrier wave/program/reality which is controllable by the elite.

Without this conditioning we would discover that our consciousness can be tuned at will to a limitless number of carriers/programs/realities many of which do not include a controlling elite.

More broadly… once this conditioning is broken it is possible to perceive the environment that ALL the broadcasts exist within without being tuned to any specific broadcast. In this sentient mode beyond the conscious/unconscious divide, there is available all information at once and information gained there is based on the full body of all information not just information that is based on one genetic program.

What initially differentiates this process from normal intuition is the ‘INTENT’ to seek this information. When the process is successful the information arrives ‘intuitively’ (without thought) into your consciousness, but results from previous ‘intent’. It is not information that appears in your consciousness without known ‘reason’.

The way I initially taught myself to access this place was only accessible when I was extremely well rested and calm. Such conditions are rare while we are stuck on the treadmill of trying to keep up with the status quo. This treadmill is no accident. A big part of our induced lifestyle is the intent to keep us so frazzled that we can’t ‘think'(?) clearly or well. It is a primary reason for getting off the treadmill.

I experimented for a number of years with the sleep state. When well rested I would attempt to enter the sleep state while remaining conscious with the intent to find specific pieces of information. This intent when executed successfully takes you into a totally different place than normal sleep. If you have dreams, even very lucid ones, you are in the normal sleep state, not in the state needed to access all information.

For a long time I didn’t realize I had arrived in this other place. Although I was aware, I appeared to be in a black void of nothingness. There appeared to be no detail of any kind. Surprisingly even though the experience seemed undifferentiated nothingness, the answer I sought would pop into my consciousness instantaneously at/near the point of awakening.

To get into this space requires being aware enough to sidestep into this space at the instant you transition from waking to sleep mode. There is a tiny instant when you can step into greater consciousness. If you are too tired or stressed out it is impossible to concentrate well enough to accomplish this.

After spending much time there it becomes possible to perceive detail(?) there.

After much time you also come to understand that that mode of sentience can be accessed directly even while physically conscious.

To describe that experience and the structure(?) of that reality is probably not possible within words. It is a completely different way of being aware. It is not based on localized individuality or personality. There is no ego there. You just are ‘everything’.


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