Large Publics Works Projects: Part II

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One common theme you find these days amongst OWSers and Libertarians alike is the despair over Big Bizness taking over, with all the TBTF Corporations being supported, while Small Biz Mom & Pop shops go Belly Up. The Great Myth here in the FSofA has been that “Small Biz is the Backbone of Amerika”, particularly with respect to the archetypal hero of such a paradigm, the Entrepreneur who starts a biz in his Garage and goes on to grow it into a Big Biz down the line.

Even before I came up with the idea that LPWPs were the driver for economics in a large society, I held the opinion not that Small Biz was the foundation of Capitalism, but rather that Small Biz has always functioned as a parasite, or at best in symbiosis with Big Biz, which comes first.

If you take any town, it doesn’t start developing lots of Restaraunts and Hardware Stores and Starbucks until there is some Big Biz in town employing people who then in turn use their disposable income to begin a secondary economy going in all those retail biznesses. On the occassions the Big Biz in town shuts its doors, the whole town goes into a tailspin of closed up smaller biznesses. Thus you have all those depressing Rust Belt towns in the Midwest, which died economically when Manufacturing was moved over to the cheaper labor markets of the 3rd World.

Both the Railroad Era and the Interstate Era provide prime examples of how Big Biz begins building an LPWP which gets lots of Money flowing through the economy, which then can support ancillary Small Biz off that. In the case of Railroads, now smaller Prospectors can go out in an area, locate something worth mining up and then have a means to transport it back to a manufacturing center. The prospectors need tools, which come to the local hardware store via the railroad. A local Blacksmith is necessary to fix broken tools, and Saloons open up in town for the local miners to frequent each night after backbreaking work digging rocks up out of the ground. Dentists are necessary to fix the teeth they break, doctors to set their broken bones, POOF you have a thriving economy!

No Railroad comes to your Town, you get none of that, thus of course every small town across Amerika wanted to be Chosen as a Station on the Railroad. Having your town Bypassed by the Railroad meant being Left Behind by that period of Economic Development of the Age of Coal. So Railroads were given Rights of Way, Tax Breaks and all the rest to entice them into passing through your territory and then stopping at the town in that Ag Community, which turns it from a Subsistence Level Town into a Food Supplier of the Big Shities. A good thing for the Large Land Holders in such an area; not necessarily so good for the smaller land holders of course.

The building of the Interstate has even more examples of how this works. The highways were built not because large numbers of people had cars they wanted to move around in, but rather large numebrs of cars were built because the Interstate was built. The Interstate was built because the Young Lieutenenant Dwight D. Eisenhower had to move a Mechanized Military Convoy across the FSofA inthe 1920s along the old Lincoln Highway, which really was just a hodgepodge of Dirt Roads quite sufficient for Horse and Buggy, but not all that amenable to Gas Powered Trucks and Personnel Carriers which were much bigger and got bogged down in the mud. It became rapidly apparent to the Military that they could not control a large area as vast as the FSofA with a Mechanized Army without good Roads upon which to move that Army.

The Consumer level Automotive Biz arose from the need to find some way to gain utility out of the LPWP of the Interstate and so help to pay for it. This vastly expanded the size of the Automotive construction biz, which in addition to the laboring jobs building the roads provided a generation of Union Workers a good living. The Taxes they then paid on the gas they used to drive around on the Interstate is what paid for its construction. Long as the Oil came up virtually free from the ground, the more people you got burning the stuff and running around willy nilly doing commerce, the more money you could push through the system. Not only the Quantity of Money increased through this period, but its Velocity increased greatly as well. Whereas in the agrarian economy of the Old West a person might have got by with just a few Silver Coins to spend each year and most of his needs covered by subsistence farming and barter, once the Automotive economy got rolling (sic), money became absolutely essential for all living. Primary here: The Money is necessary to buy the Fuel. There is no Coinkidink here that the very same person, John D. Rockefeller who was intrumental inthe rise of Standard Oil ALSO became such a large scale Bankster, or that Railroad Tycoons like JP Morgan also were in the Banking Biz. The connection between Money and Energy has been well known by the Illuminati at least since the time of the Enlightenment when the ability to do Work with Heat was developed through the Steam Engine.

The Big Money piles of the Illuminati sifted out through the ages was put to Work by building the LPWPs of the Railroads and the Interstate and the Automotive Biz. These LPWPs enabled them to Create out of Thin air much MORE money, which first gets distributed out the Big Biznesses and well connected next tier down the line of folks like Morgan and Rockefeller, although who knows there might be another layer between them and true Illuminati.

The Nation State and the Taxation System provides the means to Lever Up through Bond Issues to build these LPWPs. As long as you are insinuated into the system CREATING the money used to fund all these projects, each time one is undertaken you get ever richer. Of course, necessary here is that there is enough SURPLUS that as a whole the society can afford to undertake such an LPWP.

The reason there was likely such a long period during the Dark Ages of so little money flowing around was the lack of any great LPWP to be undertaken. Note that from the period of around 500AD until pretty much the 1800s when the Railroads were built there were no LPWPs going on in the Western World, at this time they were occurring over in Asia when the Great Wall of China was built. This could make a good case for the idea that the Illuminati were at the time holed up in the Himalayas and were levering up their wealth on the backs of the Chinese.

The levering up of Wealth takes either a large population or a large source of Energy, or preferably both to really work. In both cases, in order to accomplish this task, during the time of Surplus you vastly increase the money supply and the velocity of money increases as well. Building goes into “overdrive”. Work is created at the most basic level of Physical Labor for a large number of people, either directly int he building of the LPWP itself, or in the Small Biz Ancillary economy that grows around the LPWP. During the Post WWII era, this was the period where wealth distribution, at least on the “obvious” level seemed most Equitable, with Biz Managers paid only perhaps 40X what the average laborer made, as opposed to today where the managers make 400X what J6P makes. This would be the late stage of an Expansion period, where as it decays the wealth gets consolidated down in layers, with in the end all being impoverished except of course our old friends the Illuminati, historically speaking of course.

Its this last layer of course that we often run into conflict over here, insofar as their ability goes to maintain the wealth and control after THIS collapse, which really is the first truly GLOBAL one since the whole bizness began with the Dawn of Agriculture some 6 Millenia ago or so. In all prior collapses, it was always possible for “Capital” to run somewhere else and hide, or even not necessarily hide but lever itself up on new territory and new populations. Particularly Efficient in this process was the general acceptance of Gold as THE Indestructible source of Capital. If you could run away with all the gold in the Bank and leave J6P all just holding the bag on a bumch of Irredeemable Debt, after they finish fighting over this, you just drop back in with your Pile of Gold to begin the process all over again.

The problems with repeating this process in the case of a Global Collapse are many. First off, there is no real “Safe Haven” for wealth anywhere in the world anymore. You certainly cannot go over to China and hole up in the Himalayas now to preserve Wealth, and I would say South America is pretty dicey also, though better than China is. SA has many reasons why it did not become the Powerhouse NA did through the Age of Oil. climate and Topography work against it. Mowing down the Rainforest is overall counterproductive, but unless you do mow it down you cannot support the building of an LPWP. Much of what is not Rainforest is Mountainous in the Andes. Again, Mountainous areas prevent much Commerce from developing in them and Armies of any era have an almost impossible task in trying to control the people who live in the Mountains. Be it the Pashtuns of Afghanistans or the Swiss in the Alps, Mountain peoples always have a decent amount of independence compared to the flatlanders, though of course with the exception of the Swiss they generally lead a relatively deprived existence. There are some signs that perhaps Cheeelay, home of Speedy Gonzalo Lira is becoming the New Switzerland for the Illuminati. However, I just do not see that overall SA has enough good flatland that is not Rainforest upon which to do another LPWP like the Mayans worked up back in the day.

The second problem is it remains unclear to me that PMs will maintain the status of being Cross Border Money that can be used to transfer Wealth from one place to another. I am of the opinion that until a large scale Die Off is completed AND the Earth has had decent time on a Geological Scale to recover from 6000 years of Agricultural Rape and 300 years of Thermodynamic Rape of fossil fuels that even if you Possess Gold, there just isn’t enough Resource Wealth left to lever up using the Gold.

Third issue is maintaing Ownership rights over vast areas of the Global Surface once you do not have sufficient energy to maintain Mechanized Armies. You may still be able to maintain hegemony over smaller portions of the earth surface with armies of Troops armed with Atlatls, but again you would need sufficient Ag production to feed said armies, and the logistics of moving them around are much more difficult without the mechanization. At the very least, it will take a generation or two to breed up enough Horses to run a decent size Cavalry again.

So essentially, the Great Pyramid that is Wealth Extraction from Labor and from the Resources of the Earth was pretty much completed through the process of developing LPWPs that provided the basis for a Surplus Economy to build its Population and distribute Resources to that population, if not fairly and equitably at least in such amounts that during the period of Expansion the Slaves of the society were kept complacent enough to keep on a-building.

The Last of these was the attempt to Lever Up off the Surface of the Earth and into the Final Frontier of Space, and it is this attempt that upon failing left nowhere really left to GO anymore. It also why we likely are getting so many Science Propaganda Newz Stories now of new “exoplanets” and “Earth twins” being “discovered by the Kepler Telescope in far away Star Systems. Even if true, all these discoveries tell us is that there is a hunk of rock circling around a star many light years away which is in the “Sweet Spot” where the Temps would be in theory correct for the presence of Liquid Water. They may in fact even HAVE Liquid Water on them, they may in fact even have just the right amount of Mass so the Gravity is not too great or small for Homo Sapiens to wander about the surface. IF Homo Sapiens could GET there, but crap man, we can hardly get to MARS after 40 years here of throwing big ass Rockets up into Space. We are going to traverse LIGHT YEARS of Interstellar Travel with as yet undeveloped Matter-Anti Matter Engines that will propel us even at Sub-Light speeds to these Planets? EVER? Gimmee a break here. Even IF such travel is in theory possible, it would take Centuries if not Millenia before we could manage such a thing, and long before that comes to pass we have to deal with the depleting resources of THIS planet. We are not going to escape into the Final Frontier here IN TIME, so there just is not that much left now for the Illuminati to lever up anymore. All the Gold in the WORLD will not get you to Betelgeuse, though Lord Only Knows, plenty was spent on super Conducting Super Colliders and all the rest to TRY to resolve the problem of living on one small Rock circling the Sun in one small corner of the Milky Way Galaxy.

All that is left now is for Homo Sapiens to REVERSE ENGINEER our way back to a simpler way of living and to invest the great GIFT that is Sentience in trying to figure out how to go BEYOND the Physical Limitations of Energy, Matter and Gravity. That process does not take Super Conducting Super Colliders Or Oil OR Gold. What it takes is applying the Human Mind to thinking outside the BOX of all these things. They are a TRAP, which we have been caught in for 6000 years hear now at least.

The time has come now to leave this Box, and find our future elsewhere, not in the world of the Physical, but in the world of the Spirit. This time will come, as Energy drops to Zero, the Spirit will RISE TO INFINITY.

The tough part of course is making it through the Zero Point.

Discuss this article at the Economics Table of the Diner



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