Hierarchy of Bugout Plans

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A Guide to Prepping Up

There are a few writers out there like Simon Black and Doug Casey who pass out advice to the well-to-do on how to prep for the collapse, buying foreign Doomsteads, loading them with possessible Gold in the Basement Safe, etc. Most of us are not in the wealth bracket to be able to realistically engage in this form of self protection, but even if you are middle class in a Big Shitty, you still can plan here. I am going to go over a few of the things I have done to try to be ready that middle class people with some savings here in the FSofA can do, long as they still have some income or some savings. At least to one extent or another anyhow, if you have very limited resources, you might not be able to afford some of the more expensive items on the list, and/or have to pare down the amount of food supply you have stored up.

The first thing to remember is that NO PLACE is a guaranteed safe zone, so you should always have a Bug Out Package ready. Your basic Bugout package is just what you can Carry With You. Say you live in Australia and a Cyclone is bearing down on your town. Or you live in a well equipped Doomstead in Idaho, but Wildfires are raging and threatening your Doomstead. You have a Car, but once you leave your house and head for somewhere to find shelter, once you get to the school/mall/county courthouse or whatever is set up for shelter, you will have to leave your car in the parking lot and just carry with you personal possessions into said shelter.

You may have loaded up the car with lots of stuff, but you are not going to be able to bring most of it into the shelter with you. As the Cyclone passes through, a Flash Flood hits the town, and your car with lots of good preps gets washed away to parts unknown. No matter how well prepped you are, you can always be divested of all your preps by natural causes like this or theft. Only the stuff you personally hold with you that you can you defend do you “own”, and then you always will have the possibility that you may have to give that up just to save your LIFE. Or try to keep the stuff, getting in a gun battle with Zombies or trying to hold onto your backpack and swim at the same time in a Flash Flood or Tsunami. However, before you run into such extreme problems, lets just look at what you bring with you into the Shelter if you are well prepped.

RE’s Top 10 Basic Needs Bugout Package:

1-Clothing-The set you are wearing, a second set and extra socks and underwear. Second set of shoes/boots is good, but not essential. What you need varies with the climate you live in.

2-Sleeping Gear- A Sleeping Bag and a Sleeping Pad. Sleeping on cement/wood floors is very uncomfortable without a pad. There are self inflators and closed cell foam options. I have both, but I think the closed cell foam is the better choice, I think it is more robust. A pillow is somewhat optional. You can use extra clothing as a pillow. An inflatable pillow is a good helper, you wrap your clothes around the pillow and it is a big step up. A sleeping bag liner is good to have if you are stuck with extended time living this kind of existence. Silk ones are good because they are super comfortable and can be quickly washed and dried in a sink. Keeps your sleeping bag from getting too stinky.

3-No Cook Food- This is stuff you can eat anytime, anywhere which keeps a long time with no refrigeration. Beef or Salmon Jerky, Hard Salami, vacuum sealed Package Tuna (cans are a bit heavy and bulky) for protein and Nuts for calories. You can make very good calorie/protein bars yourself crushing up nuts and raisins and dried apples with shredded dry meat and binding it all together with a little bit of lard or shortening. Season to taste with McCormick Monterrey seasoning for Beef, Lemon Pepper for Dried Fish. I have about 50 of those, around 1000 cal each. 2 a day last me about a month. A Bottle of Multi-Vitamins. Peanuts are cheap, I have lots of other nuts though that are more expensive like shelled walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and macadamia nuts. Very calorie dense stuff, a couple of handfulls is enough energy for the day. Add the Protein and Vitamins, your nutrition is pretty good for the month. Long term, too much fat in the diet though, and insufficient roughage to cleanse the bowels.

4-EZ Cook Food- Mostly Freeze Dried Camping Foods all you have to do is add water to and boil. Also a few vacuum sealed bags of rice and dry legumes if you are going longer than a couple of months. Between the No Cook and EZ Cook stuff, you can carry about 1 month’s worth. Add in the rice and beans in another bag, you can carry about 3-4 months worth of food long as you have a wheeled bag to put it in. If you are a real Food Prepper, also buy Heirloom Seeds to plant wherever you finally end up. No Monsanto GMO Hybrid seeds. I buy Carrot Seeds and Red Potato seeds every year from a local farmer up here who does real well with his produce at the Alaska State Fair. Heirloom seeds are available on the internet as well. Minimal cost, $50 will get you started and then you just have to collect seeds each year after you get the stuff growing.

5-Tools & Utensils-Large Knife, Hand Axe, Bow Saw, Fishing Pole, Line and Hooks, Rope, Swiss Army Knife, Multi-Tool Pliers, adjustable wrench, “Hobo” Eating Tool, Compass, GPS, Sextant, Local Maps, Personal Water Bottle and 5 Gallon foldable Water Bag, cooking pot, folding cooking grate, nesting airtight containers. Fire Starters, Magnesium is good. Hunting Tools, Traps and Compound Bow and Crossbow. The last 2 can work as Personal Protection (#7 on this list) also. They make no noise, and can knock down a Zombie at quite some distance, depending on how much you practice.

6-Shelter-Personal Tent, a Tarp, Family Tent also if you are in a Family Unit seeking shelter Even inside a community shelter like a Mall if you have one of these if you set it up it affords you some additional privacy and security while sleeping. Dome tents which self support with no need for staking work great for this. About $50-200 at Walmart depending on Tent size.

7-Personal Protection-A hand gun and ammo. An Assault Rifle, Sniper/Hunting Rifle and Scope and a Shotgun are good also, but minimum is the handgun. Night Vision Scope if you got extra cash. At the moment, you probably would have some problems bringing a whole lot of arms into a public shelter, but eventually it might be common. If you can afford them, I would add them to the list. You can always leave them in the trunk of the car and hope it doesn’t get washed away in a Flash Flood or stolen by Zombies. Main problem here is the Ammo, which weighs a LOT. The more different weapons you hold, the more different ammo you need, and this can quickly exceed your ability to carry with you. Minimum carry would be the handgun, two magazines if automatic and 100 extra rounds.

8-Money-Local Currency in several denominations. Unlike Simon Black, I do NOT recommend holding foreign bank accounts in other currency for the average person. Even IF the Euro held value after a dollar collapse (EXTREMELY unlikely), the chances you would be able to access those accounts are slim and none. Minimum 3 month’s worth local currency at the current prices in your neighborhood if you can sequester that much. That is just Food Prices, not your Rent and other Bills. You won’t be paying those. Be VERY sensitive to when you think the paper will go entirely WORTHLESS, and at that time divest of all of it as fast as you can to buy whatever hard goods are available. Some Gold if you can afford it, personal Jewelry like Diamond Wedding Rings, etc. Some good barterable items like pint bottles of vodka, cigarettes, condoms, tampons and diapers also are worth carrying. I also recommend some REALLY classy Single Malt Scotch, like Glenlivet. A bottle of this stuff will trade well with whoever is IN POWER. It could buy you passage on a freighter outta town, even more than a Gold coin would, combinations are the best. “I’ll give you a bottle of Glenlivet, an Ounce of Gold dust I panned up, and a Carton of Marlboro for a spot on the boat OUT of this hell hole!” Now, even though an Ounce of Gold might be going for say $2K by then, its NOT going to buy Glenlivet, since none will be available anywhere in the neighborhood. So I will do better with this trade than somebody who offers 2 ounces of Gold, even at old values being worth more. Diversify your assets, trade smart. A liter bottle of Glenlivet goes around $100 around here right now. I have 10 of them. I’ll put up 1 bottle of Glenlivet against 1 Kruggerand in my neighborhood when TSHTF as being worth more in Barter.

9-Communications- Your Cell Phone, your Laptop, a Crank Up Emergency Radio, FRS Walkie Talkies, CB Walkie Talkie with SSB channels. Rechargeable batteries in all. Your crank up light should also connect to charge your cell phone. Depending on the type of situation, the cell network may crash or be taken offline purposefully, but until then your communications probably will help. Rmember though, they also serve as GPS tracking units for TPTB.

10-Light Sources and Small Portable Energy-Crank Up Diode Lights, Rechargeble batteries and a Plug In Charger. Power may come on intermittently, you can recharge batteries whenever it is on. One small Solar Panel (I have a 5 Watt one about the size of my Laptop, I can recharge the laptop battery slowly from it on sunny days. It doesn’t produce enough power to run the laptop in real time, but it can recharge the battery) My crank up light can also recharge my cell phone, about 1 min of talking for 5 min of cranking. 12V Power Inverter, minimum 70Watts, max 250 Watts. Good for getting A/C out of any functioning car. 25’ electric extension cord and power strip. A few long burning Candles.

For the most part, the entire Basic Needs Bugout Package can be carried in 3 bags, a large suitcase wheely bag, a large backpack and an Airline Overhead size wheely bag. Big Tents and tarps must be carried separately. The full Food Package requires a 4th Bag. Mine is a 30” Wheely Duffel. Price for the basic security package, about $5000 starting from NOTHING. However, this excludes the cost of the Laptop, the Guns & Ammo, the expensive stuff. Probably looking at $10K if you include all of that.

You can supplement this basic package with other stuff. A small cooking stove run on propane Coleman Cannisters and a few fuel canisters is a good idea. A small 2000 Watt Generator (gas or propane powered) can be carried separately. However, these items add more weight and bulk to your “carry” package.

IMHO, there is NO EXCUSE for someone who has this much money in the bank right now not to put together such a Bug Out Package for each member of his family. Obviously, every member does not need a Laptop or a Gun or Generator or their own personal Tent if they are children. You can probably load up each kid with enough personal stuff for maybe $1000 extra. The Wife should have her own Gun for sure. If you do not have a basic personal Bugout Package and you have this much money available right now for each member of your family, you are NEGLIGENT IMHO.

The Basic Bugout Package is for the WORST CASE SCENARIO. It’s the one you need when there is a major event that forces you out of your home and on the Road, with no expectation you will be able to return to your home or job, or if you do it will no longerbe there. It could happen resulting from Natural causes like Earthquakes and Hurricanes, OR it could happen resulting from War (Civil or International) OR it could happen simply from Economic disturbance making it impossible to stay where you currently ARE. There are so many possibilities nowadays on the horizon for such a dislocation to occur that you have to view it as within reasonable likelihood and prepare for such an eventuality. It has happened to many people in history, and it is happening RIGHT NOW to many people also around the Globe. Do YOU want to be the Aussie who left his home with NOTHING when Yazi hit and came back to find it ALL GONE?

The next installment of this series will go the next level up, prepping for mobile movement with some types of vehicles that can carry more than just what you can physically carry. This is the level most people currently living in Big Shitties can reasonably Prep for at moderate prices. It allows you to stay in the Big Shitty, keep your Job but still be prepared for the Fast Collapse scenario. For the most part, this level parallels the “Golden Corral” paradigm I wrote about a while back, more or less the life of an OTR trucker when pursued on land. Also possible to pursue this life on the water as a “Sea Gypsie” with a sailboat. I will write the next installment the next time the newz is thin to write on.

Further suggestions on Basic Preps I might have overlooked in Final Stage Bugout Preps are welcome. Stay Safe out there folks, and prep up. The Big Show is Coming to a Theatre Near You.


Discuss this article at the Bugout Plans Table in the Diner


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