Boys in the Black Pajamas

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Ben Wrote:

thinking of you and your girls today, surly.

here’s the video of the niketown incident. diversity of tactics (DOT), baby. molotovs to follow. then trebuchets from rooftops. i mean roofstop.

Video of the Mayhem

inside the video player there’s a 2min version in the related videos menu at the culmination of this 50sec vid. it has ‘niketown’ in title. in case you want to see the front doors go smashy.

agents provocateurs (AP)? the actors themselves, covered up though they may be, physically don’t look like it to me. (this may seem arbitrarily presumptive but there it is.) if the black bloc marchers are not being shadowed by the popo they will be now, though i would expect that unless Occupy is stupid there is an tacit understanding between factions that DOT blacks and black bloc marchers remain mutually exclusive on any single day. i assume they are not actually marching but using it for cover. indeed the march looks to be at a trickle in this video which indicates they are hanging out on the periphery. surly, what’s your take on this?

at any rate it’s immaterial whether they are AP because the violence will escalate by hook or by crook.


The arrival of the Boys in Black Pajamas on the scene here in the FSofA is a major escalation from last year’s OWS Action.

BBPs are common in the Eurotrash Street Actions, and they are the Symbolic Uniform of the Anarchists. They also harken back to the Vietnam era, when the Freedom Fighters there also wore Black Pajamas. However, up until today, there was no obvious organized effort by BBPs to dispense mayhem on the streets during an FSofA demonstration. These folks were clearly well organized, since they obviously had their own Videographer on the scene to record their actions.

It is a Toss Up as to whether these folks are Agents Provacateur or not, but as Ben indicates, its not all that relevant whether they are or are not. What it does indicate is that there is going to be a clear escalation now to Violence on the Streets in actions taken here in the FSofA.

Why the Black Pajamas, other than the obvious Anarchist Statement they make? The Uniform provides a measure of Anonymity if they are caught on video, they all look the same more or less, so unless they are physically caught in the act by the Gestapo, they can’t simply be identified by Video and prosecuted afterward for the actions.

I am a little disappointed by some of their Techniques, trying to bust through hardenned Glass of a Bank with Wooden Batons is just a waste of energy here. Better tool would be a Sledgehammer or a Slingshot or Sling firing a Golf Ball size Rock or a Steel Ball Bearing at Point Blank Range. You wanna carry some serious velocity into that type of Glass to shatter it. KE=1/2MV[sup]2[/sup] and you’ll get a whole lot more bang for your buck with a rock travelling at 10 m/s than you will a wooden baton.

Technique aside, clearly anybody wearing All Black is now going to be Shadowed by the Gestapo, and possibly preemptively arrested before acting at all, although to date there is still no Law against wearing All Black that I know of. This of course can be easily overcome simply by wearing a different color Overshirt until you assemble for the Mayhem, then stripping off the overshirts, throwing a Black Bandana over your face and proceeding with the task of doing Property Damage.

I did also note in one story another new tactic, it was reported that in at least one case a few people were Arrested and Kettled, but these folks were then “Freed” by a larger group that overran the Gestapo position. Also noted was that the BBPs were moving around Police Barricades barricade the Gestapo from easy movement, as opposed to the usual other way round. In yet another story, I read that perhaps 100 Bicyclists engaged themselves in blockading the Gestapo. Clearly, these folks are picking up Tactics from the Eurotrash.

With this kind of escalation, it can’t be long before the Gestapo brings on the Heavy Artillery in the form of LRAD and Microwaves. However, these are hard to apply as long as the BBP work Guerrilla Actions and Flash Mob. The general demonstration provides the Cover, and you don’t Attack until a predetermined time and point which unless you are Infiltrated canot be known.

It will be interesting to see what the Gestapo will do to prevent this from escalating at the Conventions. If this is the action now, by then one suspects an order of magnitude increase. At some point here the Live Ammo will arrive on the scene, and when all those Guns come out, this is going to be a whole new Ballgame. No Eurotrash country has the sheer VOLUME of Guns floating around out there as the FSofA does.

No telling how fast this will escalate, but escalate it will, this is Carved in Stone now. With the Boys in Black Pajamas hitting the scene, it gets SERIOUS.



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